John E. Runyard's Collection: Old Pirate Lane, Huntington Beach, Ca.

1906 Graham House, Old Pirate Lane
 Supplement to Mom's 2004 book "Old Pirate Lane"

Additional photos of the Graham's 1906 farm house.


Showing the Northwest side
of the house and the West driveway,
in 1990. 



Looking down Runyard's driveway at the Graham farm house in 1980. Lush and filled with many
wonderful mature trees.
Looking toward present 5447.

1974 wedding. East garage entrance
with the windmill showing
at the top. 

The last days before demo, 1990.
Liz & Carl Smith stand next
to a huge old oak tree in their
awesome yard. 
This is showing the North side of
the "drive through" garage.

1991, the farm house is now on it's new spot on the property. Building on the right is a new home occupying
the original footprint of the old farm house.

The Graham farm house, approx 1920's. 5452 Old Pirate Lane. 
Original address would have been "Graham Street" of course. 
The earliest photograph that we have. This old photo would have been taken from the top
of the original windmill located on the West side of 5441, on the North side of Old Pirate Lane.
In the 1950's this windmill was re-installed by Carl Steverson on the South side of Old Pirate.

We may have a picture of the original windmill
in this 1947 aerial photograph.
It was the Graham's who planted the eucalyptus grove, now Gibbs Park.

Note: Carl Steverson owned the "Steverson Brothers Scrap Yard" located on Gothard Street in the 50's and 60's.
He also owned the "mud dump" located near Edison High School in Huntington Beach.
Mom worked at Edison HS for many years.

Gwen Runyard with Pat Graham, in 2011.


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