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The year is now 2004 and I am closing this short and not-quite-complete narration of some of
the facts about this area of Old Pirate Lane.

Old Pirate Lane looking east, 2004. 
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The boys would play in the gravel pit
They were adventurous lads.
What they brought home. besides wet clothes
Were sometimes, some crawdads.
With a fire in the eucalyptus grove
With no water near at hand,
The boys knew that to put it out
They used the dirt and sand.
So every year when Girl Scouts
Had their summer camp,
We'd run long hoses way out there
To help them keep things damp

Old Pirate Lane - THEN AND NOW

Dappled shade of the pepper tree
Half-way down the Lane,
Was welcome in the Summer's sun.
'til sea winds blew cool again.

Eucalyptus trees in rows
Line some boundaries in the sun..
Grass struggles through the gravel path
In the road not yet begun.

Quiet. lies in the meadows here
Far from cities busy roar,
Enjoying the gift of the Spring rains,
Oblivious of what's in store.

For some day soon, the road will burst
With builders' trucks, and cranes,
Yet despite the construction's noise,
This rustic lane remains



From the 2004 Book, "OLD PIRATE LANE"
Updated 09/13/2013