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STeve's Place
Halloween Band Weekend 2006

We're at it again. With the help from the band, "Kiki & the Coconuts", it's
The 2006 edition of Steve's Place Halloween Band Weekend !


 The weekend starts off with
" Breakfast with Joey ! "

Ray entertains the EARLY risers with another
spectacular fly by.


S.P. & Styles install one nice size pig on the barbie.
And it's barely 8am.
And a hard day out at the shooting range.


Been awhile since I've seen the rifle range occupied like this.
Campers & trailers have been arriving all afternoon.
Looks like the Sound Crew is here !

West lot filling up.
East lot filling up.

By evening, they'll be 80+ people here.


Getting the decorations in order.


The Sound Crew sets up.

The Band Sets up. It's Getting closer...


The moon rises and the sun sets. Funny how that works out.
Looks like a perfect evening for fun.



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Created 11/08/2006
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