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Octane Engines from the

A seldom seen view of Soviet made Octane Test Engines.

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Soviet "knock off" of the Waukesha High Speed CFR. The Waukesha production run was between 1936 to 1953.
This is interesting stuff. Besides the smaller flywheel, the only other thing I spot different is an oil sight glass on the side. This is the first Russian model, IT 9-2.
The IT 9 was the first followed by UIT 65 and UIT 85.

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Soviet knock off Cylinder.

Top of Cylinder

Con Rod, Looking down the hole.

Up the Cylinder.

Piston Skirt, Thick !!

Plug, Spark

Knock Meter

?? You tell me.

More Russian Engines: The " UIT 65 "
The " BASF " Octane Engine
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Created 4/6/2007
Updated 3/5/2009

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