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May of 2010

While the boys are
off riding their motorcycles,
I take the Willys out of
the garage, grab my camera, and
head out in search of the last of
the spring flowers.
It had been a year since
it's been out on the trail, and
I had to fix a cracked fuel line
before driving. The fool fuel hose
was new, being only 10 years
Just a beautiful drive
in this part of the desert.
I love all the rocks I'm not
driving on.
Hey, I found some flowers!
and some more...
The last photo.
Till next time, enjoy the desert.
RIP Roy Graser, 1923-2010

Roy was an old neighbor of mine,
and previous owner of this Willys. He got it from
 his sister, who purchased it brand new.
I've known Roy all my life. The hours
I spent watching him work on his Jeep(s)
sure did rub off.
I'm very lucky to have had him as a friend and mentor.

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