Thanksgiving 2005

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Did I mention it was cold and really windy. I mean sand blowing type wind.
That kept folks indoors and in the shelter of the East patio. There was at least
60 people here but the wind kept them in hiding. High winds meant sleeping
was an adventure, with trailers & campers shaking with each gust. You have
thoughts of your sleeping quarters being blown over while you try to sleep.

And a cold windy night it was. Art & Joey thawing out.


OK, enough battling the wind. The boys come in the get warm. Oh boy, the wind stopped. Birds are chirping, the boys
riding, and the sand is staying on the ground where it's
supposed to be.

We awoke Sunday to a clam morning. Thank You Lord, for one beautifully clam day.


New addition. A chandelier for dinning. The formal picnic table.


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Created 12/27/2005
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